COH Education Team

Headshot of Gloria Nuñez

Gloria Nuñez, MPH

Administrative Program Manager

Gloria Nuñez, MPH, is the Administrative Program Manager in the City of Hope Department of Clinical Cancer Genomics. She received her Masters in Health Services Administration at San Diego State University. Ms. Nuñez has more than 30 years experience working in the health care industry and 18 years experience working in clinical research. Ms. Nunez worked with Prostate Cancer Programs at UCSD and UCLA for 4 years as the Administrative Data Analyst. She then joined City of Hope in 2008, where she Co-Directed the Latina Patient Conferences and manages the annual Intensive Course in Cancer Risk Assessment courses, as well as the Genomics Update Conferences. In addition, she is responsible for assuring all Clinical Studies are current, in regards to IRB reports and regulations. Finally, she collaborates with the clinical and nonclinical staff to assure the educational platforms are current and programs are running seamlessly in order to effectively communicate with our Global Clinical Cancer Genomics Community of Practice (CCGCoP). She serves as the laison for the technical team at City of Hope and LMS Platform Teams. She oversees that all aspect of the CCGCoP Projects are aligned with the Department's Goals and conducts yearly quality checks. She is the lead on obtaining accreditation for the educational courses from CME and NSGC.

Headshot of Phyllis Leung

Phyllis Leung, MEd

Education Assistant

Phyllis Leung is an Educational Assistant for the Cancer Genetics Education Program at City of Hope. She received her Master of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs at the University of Southern California and her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and in Sociology from the University of California, San Diego. She has experience working with STEM educational programs and in fostering community to cultivate learning and collaboration. At City of Hope, Phyllis assists the Education Team with the administrative development of the Intensive Course, Self-Paced Program, TIGCR, online portal community, and other activities.

Headshot of Dev Tanna

Dev Tanna, BS

Education Assistant

Dev Tanna is an Educational Assistant for the Cancer Genetics Education Program at City of Hope. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of California, Riverside. At UCR, Dev conducted bioinformatic research on uncharacterized proteins produced by pathogenic bacteria under Dr. Adam Godzik. After graduation, Dev did community outreach work as part of the Riverside County Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 response task force. At City of Hope, Dev assists with coordinating GCRA Case Conferences, developing the CCGCoP portal, and administering the Intensive Course.

Headshot of John Luna

John Luna, MS

Education Assistant

John Luna is an Educational Assistant for the Cancer Genetics Education Program at City of Hope. He earned his Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Rosalind Franklin University and his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Southern California. He has experience as a volunteer in STEM education outreach, a research assistant in an inorganic chemistry laboratory, and a medical scribe in an urgent care. At City of Hope, John assists with developing the CCGCoP Portal and administering the Intensive and Self Paced courses.

COH Research Team

Headshot of Aleck Cervantes

Aleck Cervantes, BS

Data Analyst

Aleck Cervantes is the Data Analyst for Clinical Cancer Genomics division at City of Hope. He received his bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles. While at UCLA Aleck worked in an ophthalmic genetics lab under Dr. Anthony Aldave which studied various corneal diseases including Posterior Polymorphous Corneal Dystrophy and Granular Corneal Dystrophy. At City of Hope Aleck assists Gubidxa Seymour with maintaining quality assurance in data collection and retrieval. He is also responsible for coordinating the Li-Fraumeni Exploration Consortium which collaborates with multiple hospitals and labs to gather data and study Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. Aleck also works on data collection and analysis for the Li-Fraumeni & TP53: Understanding & Preventing project which aims to understand multiple aspects of Li-Fraumeni syndrome.